FOR HIM Magazine

When I first joined advertising, friend of mine worked at a racy Singapore/UK men’s magazine simply known as ‘FHM’. Over the years we pitched and collaborated on a series of posters and even an entirely new concept issue of the magazine.

The Campaigns won several, awards including 2 gold Cannes Lions, 4 gold One Show pencils 4 Clios and a Young guns bullet.



FHM: Long copy, 2009

The first posters we made made for FHM were
these really content-heavy layouts.


Edited by FHM, 2010

The following year we approached FHM to do a second campaign.
Each book was painstakingly scanned and plotted before taking about a week to carve.


THE 100 SEXIEST women
Who never existed

FHM (UK) had been running the “100 Sexiest women in Existence” Issue since the mid 90s. So in 2012 we convinced the editors at FHM Singapore to give the Asian issue an fantastic Otaku twist, and feature only women that never existed.

We created a polling site called that which allowed anyone to upload comment and troll their favorite imaginary women. We then worked with more than 60 artists across Asia and Deviant art to bring all 100 to life: