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Moet Hennessy,  came to us to brand their online portal '' .
We decided that in the age of new & shiny tinder drinks and speed-networking, Clos19 would be a brand that celebrates the oldest and most familiar people in our lives -  our old friends we take for granted - our inner most circles, soul mates our day ones.

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The film

We sought to craft a film and a world that celebrates the intimate cracks & creaks awkward hits and misses that underpin every old friendship. 

Working with Mike Mills, we casted circles of real friends, interviewing each member of every circle about the others, which formed the back bone of our launch film. 

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A Graphic identity 

Together with the film we created a playful series of short clips and posters that leaned into the quirky imperfections of circles. 



We also developed a new language for their product photography,  creating lovely worn-in tableaus that look like the remnants of a great evening. 

Clos19 still_2.jpg