It wasn’t about raising awareness of THE show,
but showing the power it had through pop culture.

The biggest show on TV was coming to an end, and we knew we had die hard Game of Thrones fans in every nook, company board and cranny, who would do anything to be a part of it.

So to celebrate the final season we created a campaign that challenged and every Thronie to push themselves, their companies and employers to go as far as they could, and prove their devotion and loyalty #forthethrone.

rallying the world

We started with a simple out of home campaign and teaser video showing the great lengths characters and fans alike have gone #forthethrone.

Mobilizing the cast, celebrity fans, crew, artists and mega fans to kick off content all for the throne.



The first true sacrifice happened right after half time when Budweiser let us kill their Super bowl mascot, in true game of thrones style - getting his head crushed by the mountain.


NEXT we asked for blood,
lots and lots of real blood.

Partnering with the Red Cross and Giant spoon we created events at SXSW and all across the world to exact pints of blood from our global army of fans.


then We made THE WORLD PLAY a literal game of thrones

Hiding the iron throne in 6 remote locations on 6 different continents, we created a scavenger hunt that took the whole internet and true personal bravery and grit to win.


Then came the BRANDS

Over the next months we worked tirelessly with brands across ever industry to push themselves to do things and make sacrifices only true fans would recognize.


what’s THE HIGH VALYRIAN for “extra bacon?”

We worked with Shake Shack and David J Peterson (the creator of Game of Throne’s fictitious language “High Valyrian”) to develop a secret menu you could only order if you spoke the language.

03-SS-LaunchDayIGStory-9x16-v02-REV_1554340691.2019-05-12 16_19_27.gif
dracarys burger.gif


Minnesota know all about winter, so we reached out to change their team name for the 2019 NBA playoffs. Click here to get your own jersey.


OREO made 30,000 oreos do this

Mountain Dew stripped it’s cans to become “No One”

Deagio Turned johnny
into a White Walker

The Bellagio Casino made it’s fountains do this

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 7.32.24 AM.png