In my country
there's a problem

"Singapore is in the grip of a serious population problem: According to a report from the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD), the total fertility rate (TFR) plunged to a record low of 1.15 in 2010 as compared to 1.60 in 2000. Although the TFR rose slightly in 2011 to 1.20, Singapore’s dilemma of decline stands to get even worse given the considerable increase of both single men and women in the span of 2000 and 2011 (33 to 44% for men; 22 to 31% for women).

So what’s the answer? Mentos and sex–a whole lot of minty fresh sex. So goes the logic of agency BBH Asia-Pacific and their far from discreet campaign for Singapore’s National Day on August 9."

- FastCompany



The song is chock-full of local references, like "I'll tap you all night like an EZ-Link card," which refers to the transit card that is "tapped" at train station turnstiles, and plenty of mentions of the National Day Parade and the fireworks that accompany the annual showcase.

- Creativity online


About the only thing that needs explaining is when, around time 2:18, the video talks about "putting a bao in the oven," a bao is like a little bundle or dumpling or bun. And before that, in the line: "I know you want it / so does the SDU," here is what they're talking about. But even if you didn't know that you'd get the idea. There's a little more explanation to the right, which says a lot about Singapore in just a few lines.

- The Atlantic