A Social Media account run by a Muppet and a lot of candy

Chupa Chups (Italian hard candy on a stick) was my first dedicated account featuring a furry suck puppet called Chuck. Here are a series of social campaigns we rolled out celebrating Chuck, Sucking and living life less serious.



'The Scream Stopper'

We began with repacking Chupa Chups in Static bags at Cinemas for Halloween night re-purposing them as "Scream Stoppers" as cinemas running halloween horror marathons. 




Valentine's Day :
The Double Chup

Lollipops aren't taken very seriously on valentines day - which is why
we made a DIY video that teaches to make your very own double-ended-Chupa-Chup




Chupa Chucker, a very serious game.

Later that year we made a facebook game starring Chuck that challenged users to launch lollipops into a person's brainstem. Then we created "the R4V3N" a Facebook profile and perpetual winner who took life way too seriously and would troll the top 5 scorers.