Born allergic to everything, Adrian was raised largely by video games in air conditioned rooms. Having out-lived most of his allergies, he now enjoys sweating over bicycles, hot sauce and bezier handles.

He currently work as a creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi by way of Droga5, Anomaly, BBH and Ogilvy, has worked on six continents, won a bunch of creative awards.

His favorite karaoke song is “Believe” (Cher, 1998). His favorite Daniel Clowes comic is David Boring.


Saatchi & Saatchi New York 2019 - Present
Droga 5 New York 2015 - 2019
HBO, Google Pixel, LVMH, J.P Morgan Chase, Sprint
Anomaly New York 2012 - 2014
Budweiser, Captain Morgan, Johnny Walker
BBH Singapore 2009 - 2012
Levis, Mentos, Chupa Chups, Vaseline, British Airways
Ogilvy Singapore 2005 - 2009
CocaCola, Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, Singapore Tourism, FHM


One Show
5x Gold Pencils HBO, FHM,
2x Silver Pencils, FHM
4x Bronze Pencils, FHM
17x Merit
2x Gold Clios, Ben & Jerry’s, HBO
1x Super Clio (Best Super Bowl spot 2019)
7x Silver Clios, FHM, Ben & Jerry’s, HBO
11x Bronze Clios, FHM, Ben & Jerry’s, HBO
4x Shortlists, Ben & Jerry’s, HBO
1x Yellow Pencil, Illustration
1x Graphite Pencil, Ben & Jerry’s
8x Wood Pencils, Ben & Jerry’s, Economist, GSK, FHM
Cannes Lions
2x Gold Lions, Ben & Jerry’s, FHM
1x Titanium shortlist, HBO
1x Silver, Ben & Jerry’s
3x Bronze, Economist, Ben & Jerry’s
20x Shortlisted, Google, Ben & Jerry’s, HBO
Webby Awards
1x Webby for good, Class of 0000
Site of the Day, Google Leap Second
Site of the Day, Google Leap Second, Levis
Site of the Month, Levis
London International Awards
7x Gold Winged men, FHM, Ben & Jerry’s
8x Silver Winged men, FHM, Economist, Ben & Jerry’s
1x Bronze Winged man, Economist
Young Guns
1x Bronze Bullet, FHM
Media Spikes
2x Gold Spikes, Ben & Jerry’s, FHM
3x Silver Spikes, Ben & Jerry’s, FHM
5x Bronze Spikes, FHM
1x Gold FHM
2x Silver FHM
11x Bronze FHM, Economist
2x Gold, Mentos, Dove
1x Silver, Dove
1x Bronze, Mentos
Creative Circle Awards
2x Grand Prix, FHM, Ben & Jerry’s
7x Gold, FHM, Ben & Jerry’s, Economist
5x Silver, FHM, Ben & Jerry’s, Economist
5x Bronze, FHM, Ben & Jerry’s, Economist
Best Young Art Director 2007